This Bear Is Up a Tree

This Bear Is Up a Tree
photo by Scott Granneman

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advising Information

You have already received an email with this message. However, it bears repeating. And, you will be one mad bear if your don't prepare for your advising appointment and meet with your advisor every semester, even when it is only "recommended." Little misunderstandings about your degree plan can become really big problems when you are ready to graduate.

Subject: Important Advising Information for Early Registration
Text of message:
Who is Your Academic Advisor?
Your specific advising areas are listed for you. Log into BearWeb – >Student Services and Financial Aid > Advisement > Advisement Contact Information to verify that your major is listed correctly, determine if advising is required, and find your assigned advisor(s). Also, verify that your “educational goal” is correct – premed or any pre-healthcare field, prelaw, etc.

Verify Your Major
It is very important that your major is correct so that your assigned advisor(s) will also be correct. If you need to update your major, go to this link: > Academic Goals > Changing Majors/Minor/Program and follow the change of major procedures. Call Academic Advisement if you need more information at (254) 710 – 7280. Any time you make a change to your major, minor and/or program, refer to BearWeb again to find your new Advisement Contact Information.

Check Your Program
If you need to add or delete participation in one of the following programs or educational goals, please notify the office where you are directed to change your major:
Pre-Dental, Pre-Dental Assistant, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Medical, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy,
Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Law.

When do You Register for Spring Classes?
Find your registration date: > Registering for Classes > Current and Returning Students>Early Registration Schedule

If you need additional assistance with any of the information above, send an email to